Laservision Mega Media for their work on “IMAGINE” Dubai Festival City 2016/2017 - 2017 National Winner: Best Achievement in Entertainment

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  2. Category Spotlight: Best Achievement in Event Education or Training
  3. Profile: Bowral Classic, Winner of Coates Hire Best Community Event 2017
  4. Who's the Next Young Achiever of the Year?
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Early Starters Incentive

There are six weeks until close of entries. And only 2600 words are required for an entry. Heaps of time. But we all know it's easy to leave things to the last minute. Here's an incentive to help you get a head start and avoid all-nighters: log in to the portal, start your entry, and pay for it by 24 July, and you'll get almost 20% off the price as well as the satisfaction in taking the first step! You only need to put one of your 2600 words into your online entry form to start. Begin now - it's only 430 words to write per week until entries close. Totally achievable.

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Category Spotlight: Best Achievement in Event Education or Training

This category isn't just for traditional educational institutions - if your company has run a training program for your event staff, you may be eligible. It's all about celebrating and supporting the value of education in enriching our workforce, whether in the field or in a formalised educational setting. If you educate or train people for activities at a particular event, or for the wider events industry, check out the criteria and put yourself forward for well-deserved accolades.

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Profile: Bowral Classic, Winner of Coates Hire Best Community Event 2017

Last year's winner of the Coates Hire Best Community Event was the inaugural Bowral Classic, a recreational cycling event. They exceeded their attendee target by 300%, demonstrating astute connection with their community and target market, successfully leveraging the appeal of the region. The judges commended their "impressive metrics" and how they relayed their outcomes and evaluation data in a detailed and engaging way. Every Awards entrant receives judge feedback; it's an excellent opportunity for peer review.

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Who's the Next Young Achiever of the Year?

You don't have to have organised the Olympics before you turn 25 to be in the running for this award. It is for emerging professionals who contribute to advancing the events industry and are outstanding practitioners day to day. Last year's winner, Aaron Sunderland-Goff, impressed his colleagues and the judges with his invention of custom solutions for clients, and his leadership in developing these innovations for industry use. If this reminds you of someone in your events organisation, nominate them for Young Achiever of the Year. If this is you, nominate yourself!

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Host the Event Awards and Symposium

The Search for a Home of the Australian Event Awards and Symposium for the next three years is now running. This is a fantastic opportunity to boost your region's events profile, show off its capabilities and develop your visitation strategy. An ideal bid will illustrate how you'll facilitate the best possible delivery of the Event Awards and Symposium – we’re looking for a passionate, creative, and collaborative Destination Partner to join us in celebrating the events industry.

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