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Want the Best Entry Rate? – Event Awards
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Want the Best Entry Rate?

Then look no further! The Early Starters price is still available for the next two weeks. All you need to do is start your entry and pay by 24 July. You can then calmly work through completing your entry until the closing date. Need a few reasons to get your Awards entry fees over the line with the boss? We’ve got you covered; read on for reasons to enter.

  1. How do I get the Early Starters Discount?
  2. Hot Tips for Your Entry: Hot Pics
  3. Exploring Best Exhibition, Trade or Consumer Show
  4. Why Enter
  5. Need a diverse model for your next campaign?

How do I get the Early Starters Discount?

Easy - start your entry in the portal, and pay for it by 24 July. Paying for your entry now means you get the best possible price - nearly 20% off - and you still have until 27 August to finish all your answers. If you've been working offline, make sure you put some answers into the form in the portal so you are eligible for the discount. Don't worry, it can be a draft, and you can return to edit your work as often as you like until entries close.

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Hot Tips for Your Entry: Hot Pics

Provide pictorial evidence to strengthen your entry with striking visuals of your event or achievement in action. Choose the strongest images that support the information in your entry - how does your image demonstrate that you're a potential winner? How does it add detail to your story? Video is optional but extremely effective at conveying the atmosphere and impact of your event or achievement. Put your best foot and photo forward with some gorgeous imagery to literally show the judges what you've achieved.

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Exploring Best Exhibition, Trade or Consumer Show

It's all about the experience - the Best Exhibition, Trade or Consumer Show category seeks out the event that best delivered an outstanding experience for both attendees and exhibitors. Regardless of industry, scale or duration of your expo, if you can highlight your contribution towards sales, business prospects and product awareness, as well as how you engaged attendees and exhibitors, you're in the running for a gong. Think holistically - paint a picture of your event and how you created a fulfilling experience in all areas.

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Why Enter

Entering the Event Awards returns benefits to every entrant. It's an opportunity to critically examine and benchmark your work, using judges' feedback from experts in your field to enrich your practice. You'll receive delicious promotion as a finalist or winner, but don't worry about risk to reputation if you don't - entries that don't become finalists are never made public. Picture the profile and prestige of your company rising to new heights - with one category per sector, and a rigorous judging process, it means a lot to even become an Event Awards finalist. Convinced? Start your entry today.

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Need a diverse model for your next campaign?

Our partner WINK Models represents an array of diverse talent. Whatever your campaign needs, WINK can deliver! They represent over 700 models ranging from ages 13 – 72 and of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and abilities. Contact sage@winkmodels.com.au if you would like to spice up your next project with a WINK Model!

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