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The Australian Event Symposium is held in conjunction with the Australian Event Awards to drive industry growth and development, and to ensure Australia remains on the leading edge of the events space worldwide.

The Event Symposium aims to foster unity and advancement within the events industry as well as creating networking and collaborative opportunities across all sectors of the industry. The content of the Symposium is focused on professional development for industry representatives and on delivering strong take-away value for delegates.

Why Attend?

Learn something

Whether you’re already a leader in your field, just starting out, or somewhere in between, there is something to learn at the Symposium. From hearing about the latest trends in event tech, to discussing event security with the experts, or stimulating fresh creative thinking, the Symposium is an exercise in mind-broadening and skill-sharpening: two days of ideas and strategies to help you – whoever you are – bring something different to your events, your process, your clients or your community.

Meet people

In 2019, over 110 event professionals from every state and territory in Australia attended the Event Symposium. Delegates included staff from major Australian events, government, events organisers, universities, councils and industry suppliers. The event offers rich opportunities for connection: not only are there multiple social events ramping up towards the Event Awards ceremony, the sessions also lend themselves to making meaningful business connections through a more engaging workshop format across the board. The Exhibition also presents the opportunity to meet suppliers from all over Australia.

Spark something

The Symposium aims to bring unity to our industry, which has a tendency to divide itself. The idea is that if we get everyone together in the same place at the same time – and this is particularly important in a place as geographically diverse and spread out as Australia – we can spark ideas and connections that benefit both the individuals involved and the industry as a whole. We’re talking collaborations across unexpected sections of the industry, the forging of new contacts to grow future or current projects, and maybe the creation of something new. So come along and let the magic happen. Who knows what we can achieve?

Who Attends?

The content is designed to bring together a diverse group of event-makers with unique yet aligned skills, and differing approaches to work for distinct audiences, so that they may learn both from the content and from one another by considering alternative approaches to similar issues.

In 2019, approximately 110 people from every state and territory in Australia attended the Symposium, including professionals from major events, councils, government, venues and other industry suppliers. The Symposium is intended to embrace the entire national industry, catering to both those who deliver events and those who supply them, and aiming to connect the two groups.

The Symposium offers a valuable experience for:

  • Event organisers
  • PCOs
  • Event owners
  • Business and corporate events organisations and bodies
  • Councils
  • Suppliers
  • Event marketing and sponsorship managers
  • Destination marketers
  • Metropolitan and regional tourism organisations
  • Relevant Government departments and organisations shaping the tourism and events strategies at state and federal level
  • Venues and venue sales personnel
  • A trip to the Queensland Air Museum was on the social program as part of the Sunshine Destination Experience at the Australian Event Awards and Symposium in 2017.

  • Cocktails on the beach anyone? Things get social at Event Awards and Symposium 2016.

  • The Boys in Band from SMA Productions provide the opening entertainment at Event Awards 2015.

  • Enrich your next event with fresh ideas and skills at the Australian Event Awards and Symposium.

  • A magnificent spot for breakfast as delegates soak up the possibilities of the Sunshine Coast at the Australian Event Awards and Symposium in 2016.

  • Fireworks at the pre-dinner drinks for the Event Awards Ceremony on the Sunshine Coast in 2016.