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Two Weeks to get the Best Rates to Attend Event Awards and Symposium – Event Awards
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Two Weeks to get the Best Rates to Attend Event Awards and Symposium

We’ve got extremely affordable rates available to attend the Australian Event Awards and Symposium but only until 11 June. Now’s the time to take a look and book your spot!

11 June – it’s the only date you need to know….for now. Before 11 June, you can save time and money if you book your travel package to the Event Awards and Symposium.

It’s all done in one place, no visiting multiple sites for the best deals (we’ve already done that for you) and only one invoice to reconcile.

Travel package includes return flights, accommodation and either your registration to the Symposium, or, your entry into the awards and tickets to the Ceremony, depending on what package you choose.

If you don’t need travel, you can save up to 20% off the full price of your Symposium Registration if booked by 11 June.
Save some dollars (or earn yourself some extra spending money!)

Check out the packages and flight options and start planning your getaway!

  1. You've Got to be in it to Win it!
  2. Coates Hire Make it Happen
  3. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  4. Haven't Convinced You Yet?
  5. Industry Judging Panel Feature: Craig Horobin

You've Got to be in it to Win it!

Entries for the 2019 Event Awards are open, with a 15% discount available if you start your entry before 11 June. All you need is a computer and 5 minutes to log into the portal, select your category and pay. That's all you have to do to get a discount...easy. You still have until close of entries on 15 July to write your submission to be in with a chance of taking home the trophy and National Winner title. But you have to be in it to have a chance of winning!

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Coates Hire Make it Happen

When the world's longest span bridge made of LEGO needed a lift, Event Awards' Major Partner, Coates Hire, were there to help. The 35 metre-long scale model of the span bridge over the Severn River in the UK, made of 250,000 pieces of Lego and weighing around 720 kilos needed transport and materials-handling operation to shift the bridge. Coates Hire made available their trucks and people to move the bridge from the warehouse to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre basketball courts.

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

A great team makes all the difference, especially when planning events. An event environment is unique with specific staff and team challenges that need to be carefully managed. It takes work and effort to find the right combination of skills and personalities. Chris Loftus-Hills, General Manager of Events & Operations, Optus Stadium will challenge you to uncover your team members' skill sets and how to use those to your advantage; how to build a strong supporting team and nurture that in an events environment and what the critical management traits are when running events.


Haven't Convinced You Yet?

The Event Awards and Symposium is the place to be to network, learn from and celebrate the best of the best in the industry. Yes, you can book later but we all know that time is limited, budgets are tight so we've done the work to get you the best deals to Perth and back. It's booked all in the one place, takes 5 minutes and one payment. Flying with Virgin Australia, take advantage of their onboard WiFi to stay connected to your team and clients while in the air - you're never far away from those that rely on you while you head to the gathering of some of the industry's greatest leaders. Read more on our website www.eventawards.com.au or give us a call for a chat on 02 8096 8777. 11 June is the deadline so don't delay!

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Industry Judging Panel Feature: Craig Horobin

The awards are judged by an independent panel of judges who are representative of all areas of the industry by sector and by geography and use their expertise in the industry to review and provide creative feedback to entrants. One of our judges, Craig Horobin has over 20 years' experience in the event industry. His background includes large scale technology solution delivery and development in event technology, infrastructure design, as well as digital strategy development for major sporting events and venues.

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