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Insider Tips to Make Entering the Event Awards Easy – Event Awards
Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival 2017 - 2017 National Finalist: Local Tickets Best Regional Event

Insider Tips to Make Entering the Event Awards Easy

This year, we have made entering easier than ever before and, with 3 weeks until the early starters deadline, it’s time to start thinking about that entry and making a start if you want to take advantage of the discounted rate.

We have some handy tips to help make entering easy and get you a saving at the same time…read on below.

Have more questions? We’re here to help! Drop us an email at enquiries@eventawards.com.au.

  1. How can I get the Early Starters Discount?
  2. Is it Truly That Easy to Enter?
  3. What Category Should I Enter?
  4. Why Should I Enter?

How can I get the Early Starters Discount?

Easy! All you have to do is START an entry (or entries) and PAY by 2nd June 2023. So, how do you do that?

  • Pick your category
  • Set up or log into your account on the Entry Portal
  • Click "New Entry", select your category and proceed to the entry - fill in the entrant details (name and address) and save
  • Click "Make a Payment" and make payment
Why do it before 2nd June - that's when the discounted rate ends - you'll save close to 15% off the full rate!

You still have until entries close on 17 July to complete the entry.

Get the Discount

Is it Truly That Easy to Enter?

YES! This year, following feedback from the industry, we've taken a fresh look at the questions and a knife to the entry form.

Entries have a word count of only 2,600 words (that's the max - you don't have to hit it), a reduced number of questions guiding you to address the judging criteria and a few questions asking for images of your event, product or achievement - it's really that easy to enter.

Remember, you've completed the services, delivered the event, done all the thinking...now you just have to put pen to paper and tell us about it!

Enter Now

What Category Should I Enter?

That depends on what you want to be recognised and known for!

We have a list of all the categories and suggestions of types of events, companies and achievements that could be entered into each.

You may also fit into more than one category - you can consider multiple entries or, if you only want to enter one, what do you want to be recognised for if you become a national nominee or winner?

If you've staged a brand new event that has never been held anywhere in the world before, this is the year to enter into Best New Event - you only get one shot at this category!

Find Out

Why Should I Enter?

The Australian Event Awards is the only awards program to recognise great events and achievements and the contribution of industry providers not only in their field or sector, but amongst the best across the entire Australian events industry.

Every entry undergoes a transparent and rigorous judging process with feedback given to every entrant by their peers; nominees (the top 5 scoring entries in each category) and winners will be heavily promoted through the Awards' social media channels and media partners and the winner will take home the prestigious trophy and title!

It is an opportunity for you to be recognised as one of the best in the country, raise the profile of your events business both within your sector and across disciplines and enjoy the significant promotional opportunities.

Start Your Entry