28th Annual Byron Bay Bluesfest 2017 - 2017 National Finalist: Visit Sunshine Coast Best Tourism Event

Choosing a Category

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Which category is right for you? Well – that depends on what you want to be known for.

Do you want to be seen as a great Public Event or an awesome Community Event? Do you prefer to be reknown for your incredible design or your brilliant technical wizardry?

The criteria will show you what the judges are looking for in each category, or you can use this list as a general guide:

‘Virtual’ vs ‘Live or Hybrid’

Approximately half of the 2021 categories have been split into ‘Virtual’ and ‘Live or Hybrid’ to account for the changes the industry has had to make due to COVID-19. As a distinction, a virtual event is one that was conducted entirely by broadcast (including online). A live or hybrid event is any event with a live component. If any aspect of your event (or the event in its entirety) was staged live, you are eligible to enter it into the Live or Hybrid category. If your event was hybrid but you prefer to only enter the virtual component you can do so in the Virtual category, but you will only be judged on your virtual aspect.

Best Event Categories

Best Public Event

Suggested for:

  • Events open to the public
  • Sporting Events
  • Tourism Events
  • Community Events
  • Festivals
  • Public Exhibitions

Best Congress, Conference or Exhibition

Suggested for:

  • Public Exhibitions
  • For exhibitions as a whole, not individual stands
  • Large or Small Conferences
  • Meetings that provide an outstanding experience for attendees

Best Brand Event

Suggested for:

  • Product launches
  • Brand gala dinners
  • Any event that aims to further the brand of a client by increasing sales

Best Corporate Event

Suggested for:

  • Incentives
  • Corporate Gala Dinner
  • Corporate Award Presentations
  • Any event that achieves a business outcome

Best Small Event

Suggested for:

  • Events that have a small budget
  • Events that are smaller in scale
  • Can be any type of event including sporting, festival, cultural, exhibition, etc.

Best Charity or Cause Related Event

Suggested for:

  • Fundraising events
  • Events that raise the profile of a charity or cause
  • Events that encourage donations other than cash

Coates Best Community Event

Suggested for:

  • Events that focus on community building and community engagement
  • Regional city or town festivals
  • “Main street” events

Best Cultural, Arts or Music Event

Suggested for:

  • Major and regional arts festivals
  • Music festivals
  • Events with a cultural focus

Best Regional Event

Suggested for:

Achievement Categories

Best Technical Achievement

Suggested for:

  • PA suppliers
  • Lighting suppliers
  • IT suppliers
  • LED or projection screen suppliers
  • Pyrotechnic suppliers
  • Production companies
  • Event organisers or creative agencies
  • Technical production/delivery of an online event

Best Online Delivery Platform

Suggested for:

  • Virtual event software
  • All-in-one virtual event platforms
  • Partial virtual event platforms
  • Custom event delivery platforms

Best Innovation, New Product or New Service

Suggested for:

  • External supplier or event who has released a new product for the events market
  • External supplier or event who has substantially improved an existing product for the events market
  • Event that has created a new product or new service internally
  • External supplier with a new product or new service that has the potential to enhance events

Best Achievement in Design

Suggested for:

  • Architects
  • Event designers
  • Temporary overlay design
  • Theming Suppliers
  • Online design delivery

Best Achievement in Marketing or Communication

Suggested for:

  • Marketing or PR firms that have provided services for an event
  • Events that have undertaken marketing

Best Achievement in Venue Management

Suggested for:

  • Conference centre (large and small)
  • Exhibition centre
  • Function centre
  • Hotels
  • Sports stadium

Best Achievement in Studio Management

Suggested for:

  • Broadcasting Studios
  • Production Studios
  • Post-Production Studios

Headline Categories

Small Event Management Organisation of the Year

Suggested for:

  • Small event management businesses
  • Event management businesses with up to 5 employees

Event Management Organisation of the Year

Suggested for:

  • Event management businesses or companies
  • Mumbrella360
    2017 National Finalist – CIM Magazine Best Meeting or Conference

  • Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit and Startup Festival, Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Cre8ion
    2016 Nationa Finalist – CIM Magazine Best Meeting or Conference

  • Margaret River Gourmet Escape 2016 presented by Audi
    2017 National Finalist – Local Tickets Best Regional Event

  • TAFE Queensland, East Coast Region for their Diploma of Event Management
    2017 National Winner – Best Education or Training Program

  • NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet for their work on Djäpana: Sunset Dreaming at the Australia Day 2017 Live at the Sydney Opera House
    2017 National Finalist – Best Achievement in Entertainment

  • Westpac Bicentennial Exhibition 2017, Imagination Australia
    2017 National Finalist – TFH Hire Services Best Exhibition