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ShowTex Hits Sydney’s Shores

ShowTex Hits Sydney’s Shores

Amazing stage fabrics company ShowTex has recently launched a new office in Sydney, and we are chuffed to have them as a Major Partner for the Australian Event Awards, showing off what they can do at the Awards night this November. We chatted to Alan so you can get to know ShowTex.

Meet ShowTex Australia

Please introduce yourself – what does ShowTex Australia do?

My name is Alan Scoley and I’m Managing Partner at ShowTex Australia. Working in the events industry for 35 years, taught me the ins and outs of production management, theatre & event management, stage lighting and art direction. All of that now comes together here at ShowTex Australia, where we set amazing stage fabrics in motion. By inventing, manufacturing and installing our innovative flame-retardant fabrics, tracks and motion control systems, we strive to realise the creative vision of all theatre, event and entertainment professionals around.

You’ve recently set up shop in Australia – tell us about your international background – how and where did the company get started, where in the world do you operate?

Founded over 35 years ago, ShowTex has offices in Europa, the Middle East, Asia, South Africa and now also in Australia. We’re an international group with more than 300 full-time specialists, offering clients an extensive range of skills to assist them at every stage of their project. From the drawing board to the manufacturing and installation, at ShowTex we have both the technology and the experience to offer a variety of solutions that meet the most creative and challenging ideas in set building, stage and stand design.

Why did you decide to support the Australian Event Awards and Symposium?

As ShowTex Australia is the most recent addition to the impressive list of ShowTex offices, I was looking for an effective way to reach the local event professionals. The Event Awards & Symposium seemed perfect for that. I can’t wait to share all the amazing solutions ShowTex has to offer with the local marketplace.

What is unique about ShowTex Australia’s offering?

ShowTex Australia’s uniqueness comes from the same recipe as all the other ShowTex offices worldwide: A high-level customer service and profound technical knowledge combined with a lot of creativity. By standing out from the rest and staying ahead of the market, we make sure we have the latest and most innovative equipment to offer our clients. Obviously, we do this whilst keeping all our standards of health and safety to the max.

What’s your company’s philosophy?

We dream of the world as a stage where anything is possible with fabrics, and we want to be the ones to make that happen. When our customers come up with a crazy idea, we want ShowTex to be the answer. This can’t be accomplished with research and development alone, so that’s why we continue to take on each new project with passion and enthusiasm. By creating game-changing products for our customers, they can fully focus on making their creative dreams come true.

What are your plans for the Australian market?

Our plans are to introduce new and exciting fabrics and the latest hardware to the already existing marketplace. Our shop in Brookvale-Sydney features offices and a warehouse with a state of the art sewing atelier and a large variety of our bestsellers in fabrics and hardware.

What do you think are the challenges and opportunities facing the events industry?

With less than a year into the marketplace here,  it’s very hard to comment this early on as to what the local challenges may be. But as stocks are in, ShowTex Australia is now up and running and ready to support the local event industry’s needs with the professionalism and image which ShowTex office’s all over the world have set.

What’s the best advice you’ve received for working in the events industry?

Thanks to my long experience in the industry, I feel confident in giving a piece of advice myself: It’s a challenging business to be in with lots of hard work, long hours and tight deadlines, but the most important job of all is making sure your clients are happy. Communication is always the key!

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