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Meet Major Partner, ShowTex

Meet Major Partner, ShowTex

“Fabrics In Motion” are the new buzz words of the Aussie Events Industry and they’re brought to you by Event Awards Major Partner, ShowTex. We caught up with Alan Scoley – Managing partner at ShowTex Australia to chew the fat and get to know each other.

What makes ShowTex Australia stand out in the industry? What do you pride yourselves on?

Here at ShowTex Australia it’s all about amazing stage fabrics in motion. As a worldwide leader in inventing, manufacturing and installing the most innovative flame-retardant fabrics, curtain tracks and motion control systems, ShowTex aims to achieve the creative vision of theatre, event and entertainment professionals. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, you can surely count on us for the best advice and solutions for the most challenging projects.   

What values does your brand align with and how do you put that into action in the industry?

At ShowTex, we dream of the world as a stage where anything is possible with fabrics. Each new project is taken on with passion and enthusiasm, so when a customer asks a question, the answer should be ShowTex. By constantly developing new products that provide a real improvement to our clients, they can fully focus on making their creative dreams come true.

Can you share some reasons for supporting the Australian Event Awards and Symposium? What does your brand’s partnership with the Awards mean to you?

After having been one of the major sponsors last year, we decided to continue supporting this amazing event as we are aware of the importance of the Awards. Supporting and encouraging them will surely help to boost the recognition of excellence in the Australian events industry. We’re here to support that industry in every way we can.

Tell us about your support of Best Achievement in Design, Look or Theming Category and why you’ve chosen to put your name to that Award.

ShowTex has been helping companies to achieve the desired design and look of events for many years. Our products can create the perfect theming for any space, so sponsoring this Award is a great opportunity to meet the Best achievers in Design and look/theming around Australia.

What’s new or upcoming for your company? Can you share any exciting plans with us?

We are constantly developing new items, one of the latest being a budget-friendly motor for basic track control. With a speed of 42 cm/sec, the RTD 1100 is ideal for simple rope-threaded operation, both in fixed theatre installations and temporary event venues. Very easy to install and a great choice for touring as well.

In terms of fabrics, the new SonoMesh acoustic solution is a real game changer. This jack-of-all-trades combines sound absorption with strength, flexibility and low maintenance, making it perfect for large public areas. On top of that, it is printable with your own design as well!

Looking for a more velvety type of drape? Check out the brand new range of colours of our extra-wide Velours Delta. It’s the most durable and cost-effective stage velvet of its kind!

What has been your favourite event in the past year – either to work on or attend?

There have been many great events last year. Every job is different, but the most important part are the creative people you meet along the way.  

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given in this industry?

Thanks to his long experience in the industry, Alan Scoley – Managing partner at ShowTex Australia – feels confident in giving a piece of advice: ‘’It’s a challenging business to be in with lots of hard work, long hours, but the most important job of all is making sure your clients are happy. Communication is always the key!’’

What’s your favourite thing about the events industry, and what do you see as its greatest challenge? Either as a whole industry or as a practitioner/company within it.

The greatest thing in my opinion is when a project comes together as intended and you see the clients is happy with the final result. Mission accomplished. There are many challenges in this industry and one of them is the tight deadlines. We work consistently to have a lot of stock ready for use, a large workshop equipped with the best machinery and highly skilled staff to be able to serve the industry’s latest requests.