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Honesty, reliability, and surfing the events wave with eps australia

Honesty, reliability, and surfing the events wave with eps australia

eps australia is one of our valued Major Partners and is a true supporter of the industry, believing in its economic and community value for Australians. We spoke to Andrew Stone, Managing Director, about his involvement with the Awards, exciting gigs, and how events are like surfing.

    What values does your brand align with and how do you put that into action in the industry?

Honesty. The events game is a tough one, especially if you’re running/promoting. We’re in business and the key is staying profitable but we have no hesitation telling a client “we don’t think you need that” or “we think you can find a better alternative”. We stand by what we offer and in turn what we sell. If we’re honest with our clients and provide a service which shows we’re working with them, we can’t ask ourselves for more than that.

    What makes eps australia stand out in the industry? What do you pride yourselves on?

One of my mentors once said “if you say you’re going to do something, then do it”. We pride ourselves on finding workable solutions for our clients and then simply delivering it.

    Can you share some of your reasons for supporting the Australian Event Awards and Symposium? What does your brand’s partnership with the Awards mean to you?

The Events industry is a huge economic driver and important part of our social and community fabric. Big or small, there are countless hours of blood, sweat and tears that go into delivering those Events. eps want to support our colleagues in some way like we do our clients.

    Tell us about your support of the Best Achievement in Venue Management category and why you’ve chosen to put your name to that Award.

As a Contractor we visit venues day in and day out. Whilst some venues we work in may not necessarily be our clients’, it’s important to note that the way in which we conduct our business has a massive flow on effect to other stakeholders. Venues do not have any easy job and like anyone, have massive amounts of work and effort required to deliver their components. We do not take our welcome lightly and appreciate those venues that go above and beyond to lift and deliver great service, often times to the same clients.

    What’s new or upcoming for your company? Can you share any exciting plans with us?

There are some fanatic events in the pipeline of which we are lucky to be involved with for consultancy and design. Unfortunately most of those are still under wraps and we take our clients’ confidentially very seriously. From an internal side, eps global group of companies is going from strength to strength. Our recent expansion into the UK is gathering momentum quickly and complementing our existing European coverage. We’ve got a new direction in the USA and plans for ASIA/Pacific growth. eps is taking the best of information and technological advancements across the eps Group to all markets, including Australia.

    What has been your favourite event in the past year – either to work on or attend?

Commonwealth Games nearly sent me to an early grave but with 6 months to reflect, the sadistic Event Manager inside me has finally calmed and wondered “okay when can we do it again and how do we improve?”. I wouldn’t say it was our greatest event but it’s one we certainly learned mountains from. Might even be time to look abroad and saddle up again for similar events.

    What is the best advice you’ve ever been given in this industry?

Working under some former military men in my formative years, the greatest lesson I learned was “Don’t run, it scares the troops”.

    What’s your favourite thing about the events industry, and what do you see as its greatest challenge?

It’s never the same. The challenge is always to take what you’ve done and find ways to improve. Some might say “you’re never happy then” but that’s not true. You can internalise, debrief and find ways to improve but still be happy with your result. I took up surfing only 5 years ago and I liken it much to that. Some days you’re firing and others its like a tidal wave landing on your head. The eternal quest is the perfect wave/event.

    This is the 10th year of the Australian Event Awards – can you share your favourite Event Awards memory with us?

Getting my photo with a Daddo last year at the Awards Dinner. Whilst mum always wanted me to be a lawyer, I think that photo proved to her I might’ve finally made it ?

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