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Listen up! Q&A with Coda Audio

Listen up! Q&A with Coda Audio

We spoke to Michael Wilkie, Managing Director of Coda Audio, long time supporters of the Australian Event Awards and Symposium as an invaluable Project Delivery Partner. Take a look at this Q&A for an insight into one of the industry’s leading audio providers.

    What makes Coda stand out in the industry? What do you pride yourselves on?

We focus on creating innovative solutions and delivering the best quality audio possible.

    What values does your brand align with and how do you put that into action in the industry?

For us it’s all about going the extra mile, using the best equipment that you can get your hands on, and always applying engineering design principles to come up with creative solutions to deliver excellent audio.

    Can you share some of your reasons for supporting the Australian Event Awards and Symposium?

We believe it’s important to recognise people in our industry who are doing a first-class job on events across the board. It’s a big and challenging industry – the work is challenging, and it is difficult to do that work well, so it’s good that the Awards are there to recognise that.

    What’s new or upcoming for your company? Can you share any exciting plans with us?

This year we’ve done a couple of big shows for Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the new ICC theatre, which has been something a bit different to what we normally do and a bit different for them, expanding their audience in a new venue. These events were technically challenging and very interesting events for us to work on.

    What has been your favourite event in the past year – either to work on or attend?

Probably The Lost and Found Orchestra in the Adelaide Festival, a large-scale outdoor symphony played on ‘found-object’ instruments. It was really hard work but a fascinating project to do. It was huge – there were about 130 inputs and a heap of foldback on stage. Not only was there the orchestra on the main stage, but also additional outer stages with local choirs and musicians from Adelaide performing as well.

    What is the best advice you’ve ever been given in this industry?

Apart from get people to pay upfront – that’s good general business advice! – it’s all about preparation. If you want things to come off well, you can’t beat detailed planning and a lot of work on preparation.

    What’s your favourite thing about the events industry, and what do you see as its greatest challenge?

My favourite thing would be that it’s always capable of surprising you. You think you’ve seen everything and then someone comes up with a new idea that you’ve never seen before. The greatest challenge is probably managing the WHS requirements but not letting that get out of hand and costing everyone too much money. The amount of extra costs required now just to comply before you can even get an event on is incredible.

    This is the 10th year of the Australian Event Awards – can you share your favourite Event Awards memory with us?

My favourite moment was Jean Kittson’s entrance on the umbrella boat across the pool at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, it was hilarious!