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What the Judges Value Most in Entries – Event Awards
Santos Tour Down Under 2017 - 2017 National Finalist: Visit Sunshine Coast Best Tourism Event

What the Judges Value Most in Entries

We asked the Judges what really makes or breaks an entry and they’ve shared some of their secrets..read on below…

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  1. The Judges Spill the Beans...
  2. Less than 3 weeks to get your entry in
  3. What's in it for me?
  4. Business Events: Best Congress or Conference < 500 Delegates
  5. Innovation and Creativity on a Small Budget

The Judges Spill the Beans...

Some of the Judges told us what was important to them when reviewing the entries - this is what really makes your entry stand out amongst the rest:

  • Quality not Quantity - no need to hit the word limit, answer the question as clearly and concisely as you can and forget the formatting - it's about your word choice!
  • A Picture Paints a Thousand Words - pick images that really show us what you event or achievement is.
  • Evidence - back up your claims and statements - quotes from surveys or from clients or sponsors
  • No External Links - to be fair to all entrants, we won't click on any links that take us outside of your entry. If you want us to read it, it needs to be IN the entry form.
  • Check your Entry - once you're finished, click the VIEW button next to your entry - what you see here is exactly what we, the judges, see - are there any truncated answers? Shorten them. Is an image or video or upload not displaying? Get in touch with the Awards to help fix it.

Less than 3 weeks to get your entry in

Fear not, 3 weeks is more than enough time and here's why:

  • You've already devised and delivered your event or achievements - you've done all the thinking, planning and brought it to life. Now you just have to tell us about it in the online entry form
  • Entries are maximum 2600 words (that's 137 words a day from now until close of entries) - but that's the maximum - you don't have to hit it if you can tell us about your event or achievement in less (the judges will thank you for it too!)
  • You can download the entry form from the portal so you can work offline, anywhere, anytime
Previous entrants have been known to start their entry on the last day, complete it and go on to become Nominees and even Winners! As we've said - you've already done the hard work, you just have to tell us about it.

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What's in it for me?

Other than the opportunity to be recognised as one of the best in your field of expertise, and be in the running to take home the trophy, becoming a Nominee has a range of benefits to recognise your event and achievements:

  • Be celebrated amongst the industry and raise your profile as a Nominee or Winner
  • Benchmark your work - look at it critically through entering, receive judges' feedback from experts in your field, and experience healthy competition against the top industry players
  • Reward the team for their hard work
Nominees and Winners will also receive promotional opportunities through the Event Awards and their media partners over a 12-month period.

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Business Events: Best Congress or Conference < 500 Delegates

Did you stage a congress or conference with less than 500 Delegates? We've got just the category for you so you're not competing against the bigger congresses! Best Congress or Conference < 500 Delegates recognised the innovative or standout experience your event provided to the delegates which advancing your client's aims.

Make sure your event is in the running to earn that recognition as one of the best in 2023!

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Innovation and Creativity on a Small Budget

Just because the budget is small, doesn't mean that the ideas, creativity and innovation have to be! Best Small Event highlights the outstanding achievements of the events staged on small budgets, the innovation around thinking outside-of-the-box to deliver the client's vision and the dedication of the team to make the event happen is worthy of recognition at the Australian Event Awards.

But you have to be in it to be recognised as a Nominee (one of the best in the country...) or even the Winner!

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