PBM Safety for their work in Event Safety, Risk and Emergency Management Services 2017 National Finalist: Best Product or Service

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Liliana Sanelli

Liliana Sanelli

Engaging Communities Through Events

Discover an effective and successful framework empowering organisations to create engaging community events. The framework integrates Vision, Strategy, and Resources to plan, forecast, and ensure relevance in the future.

Skills and Outcomes:

  • Utilise the Vision – Strategy – Resources = IMPACT formula to empower your organisation in creating impactful events and campaigns.
  • Establish a clear vision for fundraising initiatives, enabling the maximisation of fundraising impact and community engagement.
  • Seize opportunities to create events that not only raise funds but also foster community engagement and enhance awareness for your organisation’s mission and goals.

Liliana is a seasoned entrepreneur, visionary, events producer, and dedicated advocate known for her remarkable ability to bring dreams to life.
With a career marked by producing over 2000 global events and orchestrating successful collaborations with clients ranging from rock bands to royalty, Liliana has raised over $40 million for various charitable causes.
Recognised for her problem-solving skills and unique framework for creating extraordinary events and fostering community engagement, Liliana is sought after by global businesses and charities alike. Her expertise spans event production and strategy, fundraising, publicity, and building powerful sponsorship relationships.
As CEO, Creative Director, and mentor, Liliana empowers individuals and organisations to dream big and co create their visions, instilling positive messages and supporting women’s rights and empowerment in both the workplace and communities.
Liliana is a dedicated advocate for the event industry, actively engaging in discussions with government officials to address industry concerns. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master’s in Business, combining education, theory, and practical experience to lead a successful business for the past 17 years. Additionally, Liliana is committed to community involvement and personal growth, serving as a member of the International Women’s Forum Australia, a Board Director for Du Good, and a Board Director for Equal Access for Autism.
An Australian native with a deep Italian heritage, Liliana embodies a zest for life, warmth, and an unwavering commitment to spreading positivity. With strength, sass, and a touch of nurturing charm, Liliana consistently exceeds audience expectations and delivers tangible results for her clients. Her influence in the events industry and her role as a beacon of positivity continue to shine brightly in 2024, earning her the accolade of “GENIUS” from His Majesty King Charles III.