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Alastair Lyall

Alastair Lyall

Events Don’t Just Happen: A Case Study

This Case Study session will look at three major Australian events and how they were pulled together behind the scenes. It will provide insight into how the events have evolved: the challenges encountered navigating multifaceted groups of invested stakeholders; pressure points in managing a growing event; the struggles choreographing a smooth event; how these pro’s overcame catastrophe; the importance of planning and, of course, where do we go next?

Tug and Yacht Ballets Don’t Just Happen – Alastair Lyall

Find out how the Australia Day Council of NSW choreographs 10 yachts, a 45 piece orchestra, 2 flyboarders, 2 tugs, 10 jet skis and an RAAF Hercules to perform Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King as part of the Australia Day Live concert. The ballet is staged in the water and the air between the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in front of 65,000 spectators and a live national television audience.

Alastair Lyall is an Event Producer with 14 years experience working with the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet. DPC manage Australia Day and Anzac Day in Sydney as well as staging sporting celebrations, large-scale projections, state funerals and commemorations. Before DPC, Alastair worked in Canberra, London, the USA and Wollongong on local government, charitable and sporting events.