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Meet Major Partner, Coates Hire

Meet Major Partner, Coates Hire

So why would a massive hire company like Coates Hire, have an entire national division working solely for the Events Industry? Because the Events Industry is a very important driver of Aussie Achievement – that’s why. We caught up with Tristan Oxman – Major Project Manager for Events in NSW to get a better insight:

Can you give us a quick overview on Coates Hire, what you do and why events and organisers should choose Coates Hire?

Coates Hire has a dedicated team of event managers working across the country and we pride ourselves on providing a full service one-stop shop for events, with a wealth of experience in running large scale events, such as Sydney NYE and the Supercars Championship. Coates Hire is well positioned to meet the needs of events across Australia, with more than 160 branch locations, over 2000 people and 1 million+ assets all able to be deployed to an event, whenever and wherever needed.

What values does Coates Hire align with and how do you put that into action in the industry?

Coates Hire’s core values are safety first, act with integrity, own it, and be determined to win. In each event I work on, I collaborate with Coates Hire branches and employees delivering our events to ensure all runs smoothly behind the scenes. I also communicate productive initiatives to our customers to provide proactive ways to maintain the event into the future.

Tell us something not many people know about Coates Hire?

To this day, I am often asked “does Coates Hire do that too?” when telling people about the range of equipment and services we provide. We are literally a one-stop shop for your equipment hire needs for small community events through to the national Supercars Championship.

Tell us about your support of the Best Community Event category and why you’ve chosen to put your name to that Award, what do community events mean to you / Coates Hire?

Getting involved in the local community is an important way for Coates Hire to build relationships and showcase our values. Whether it’s by sponsoring events such as the Australian Event Awards or supporting a grassroots footy team, at Coates Hire we encourage our local branches to get behind their local communities.

The Coates Hire motto is “Let’s Make it Happen”. What’s your favourite story about Coates making it happen in the events space?

Watching the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 come together is nothing short of amazing.  This wouldn’t be possible without the enormous effort put in by Coates Hire employees and contractors who pull together to help make it happen. Together we overcome changing schedules, conflicting priorities and unexpected outside hurdles, to build the track over a 2 month period and deliver one of the most successful events I have ever seen.

Can you share some of your reasons for supporting the Australian Event Awards and Symposium? What does your brand’s partnership with the Awards mean to you?

Celebrating our wins is something I believe in quite passionately. I love hearing about how my colleagues have chased down and delivered a successful outcome for our customers. The Australian Event Awards is an excellent alignment as it effectively showcases and celebrates the best of the best in the event industry and encourages others, as well as myself, to strive for success.

What’s new or upcoming for your company? Can you share any exciting plans with us?

Coates Hire has recently invested in a new range of the latest, state-of-the-art straight booms and knuckle booms. This range includes next generation electric booms with more power and greater run times, the latest 60ft hybrid booms from Genie and Haulotte and the Genie S-65 Trax telescopic boom with outstanding horizontal reach and rough terrain capabilities. We are excited to share the benefits of this new range of Access equipment with our customers for future events

What has been your favourite event in the past year – either to work on or attend?

One of my favourite events to follow around was the Drop Festival. I worked closely with the team at Newcastle, Manly, Coolangatta and Torquay and it was interesting to watch the event come together in each of the challenging locations.

Who has been the most influential person in your time in the events industry and why?

To be honest, picking one person would be a challenge. While I have been in the event space for around 12 months, I have worked with Coates Hire for just shy of 10 years and I can confidently say that I have learnt so much from everyone I have come into contact with. From my colleagues who have guided me in my current role to the customers who have tasked me with challenging requirements and at times tight deadlines, they have all helped me grow into the person I am.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given in this industry?

‘Always provide a solution’ – I live this every day. I always take a solution back to my customers and help them work through any issues they have to help them solve it.