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What Event will be the Best in 2022? – Event Awards
28th Annual Byron Bay Bluesfest 2017 - 2017 National Winner: Local Tickets Best Regional Event

What Event will be the Best in 2022?

With entries closing on 19 September, that’s just under 3 weeks to put forward your event for recognition, peer review and the opportunity to take home not one, but two awards, along with the prestigious title of being “Australian Event of the Year 2022”. Don’t worry, that’s more than enough time to be in the running!

If you’re travelling or in a remote location, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered, with the downloadable versions of the entry form so you can work offline, complete the entry and upload it to entry portal when you’re back online (and before the 19 September 2022 deadline!)

Enter the 2022 Awards today!

  1. Why Enter the Australian Event Awards?
  2. (Don’t) Repeat After Me
  3. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Why Enter the Australian Event Awards?

We could spin a thousand reasons why you should enter but simply, the Australian Event Awards is the only awards program to recognise great events and achievements not only in their field or sector, but amongst the best across the entire Australian events industry. The teams and skills put into creating the masterpieces of the Australian Events Industry can be celebrated and praised in a healthy competition against the industry's top players. Entering is easy - it's winning which is the hard part!

Pick Your Category

(Don’t) Repeat After Me

Questions have been designed to prompt answers with new information for the judges to evaluate. Use every question to explain a new element of your event or achievement that you've not already explained, elaborate on areas that would set you above your competitors and give the judges enough detail to make sure you're receiving the top marks.

Hints and Tips

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Nothing can describe the design or look of your event or achievement better than a picture (or three). Use the picture questions as an opportunity to really showcase the scale of your event, or demonstrate the elaborateness of the design, or the realisation of your achievement. It's one of the first items the judges see when reviewing entries and it paints an image in their minds that help them to really understand your descriptions and explanations of your event or achievement detailed in your entry.

Hints and Tips