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Aug 8, 2014

Make this weekend count

Entries close on Monday.

The application process is simple and the benefits gained not just from winning but also being recognised as a National finalist is not one you should pass up.

As the industry comes together in November for the Industry Night of Nights, imagine the feeling of hearing your name and giving your acceptance speech as you receive the prestigious Event Awards Trophy.

Your team will get a huge buzz and will take great pride in being nationally recognised as the best in 2014.

There is still time to get an entry in with 4 days to go. Just give up a few hours this weekend and your imagination may well reflect reality.

It's not too late to enter and doesn't take long - here's what you need to do

People have reported needing only a few hours to complete an entry from start to finish - remember that the online entry only needs to be good enough to get you to the finals. If you are a finalist then your entry (including any supplementary material) will go to the full panel of judges for consideration and they may even call you for clarification.

Get started now:
  • Click here to go to the entry portal and get started
  • Select your category and start your entry
  • Don't forget that you can download the questions and work offline - just remember to cut and paste in your answers before entries close on Monday 11 August!
  • Pay for your entry - it only costs $275 per entry
Entering the awards is easy and here's why:
  • Submissions are all online - there's no need for fancy printed documents
  • In each category, there are only 6-8 questions of substance
  • You've already done all the thinking to have planned and staged the event so answers will come easily to you
  • You can upload images and a video to give the judges a better idea of what you've described
  • You can work on your entry offline by downloading the word document provided - then cut and paste your answers at the last minute.

Enter now

Categeory Spotlight: Best Exhibition

Have you have run an exhibition this year?

Has your exhibition stood out from other exhibitions?

Did your exhibition exceed the expectations of your exhibitors and audience?

The Best Exhibition of 2014 title is awarded to a consumer or trade exhibition that provides the best experience and outcomes for exhibitors and attendees.

Entering is easy - don't give your competition an easy run of taking home the title - enter now.

Enter now

Category Spotlight: Best Achievement in Marketing, Communication or Sponsorship

The staging of events draws on expertise from all areas of the industry, including marketing, communication and sponsorship. Without these components, events would struggle to be and remain award-winning events.

Behind every successful event in Australia is a team who works tirelessly to connect with their audience to ensure the vital event information and incentives for people to attend is communicated successfully.

Not forgetting the important work of partnerships and corporate sponsors, without whom Australia would see many events disappear.

Can you demonstrate innovative use of marketing, public communication or a partnership with a corporate sponsor to benefit an event?

Now is the chance to get the recognition of your achievements - having the 2014 National Trophy on display is the perfect way to support and thank your marketing team, reward your team for their hard work and shake hands with those sponsors who have made it all worthwhile, showing them that their hard work and support has paid off.

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Category Spotlight: Best Technical Achievement or Innovation

The use of technical production or technology at events boosts the experience of the attendees and adds a whole new dimension.

Have you used technical production or technology to wow the audience? Have they walked away talking about the amazing light show, audio, projection or other technical element you used at the event? If so, why not put it forward to get national recognition for your achievement?

Judges want to see your achievements, where you have used technical production or technology in events and have positively impacted the event, was innovative and excelled above others.

Enter now

Almost finished? Here's a quick checklist to confirm you're done

If you have been working away on your entries for a little while, here's a quick checklist of things to do to confirm you're done:

  • View your Entry: In the portal, go to 'My Entries' and then click 'View' for each of your entries. What you see is what the judges see - if you want to make changes, go back to 'My Entries' and click 'Edit'.
  • Proofread: Show your entry to your colleagues or staff members who work in different areas of the company - a fresh pair of eyes will pick up on these errors and provide a different perspective. These small steps can make a big difference in getting your application to stand out from your competition.
  • Check your Status: In the 'My Entries' screen, ensure that the status of all your entries reads 'Entered'. If it reads 'Unpaid' or 'Invoiced', you need to make a payment (see next step).
  • Pay your Entry Fees: If you have unpaid entries, just click 'Make a Payment' in the top menu bar. We suggest you pay by credit card at this stage to avoid any delays.
  • Submit: All paid entries are automatically submitted to the judges at the close of entries so there's no need to do anything.

More hints and tips

Partner Spotlight: The P.A. People

Project delivery partner

The Australian Event Awards would like to acknowledge the P.A People, who will deliver our event communications for the 2014 Industry Night of Nights.

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