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Aug 5, 2014

Time to get cracking on that entry

With only 7 days to go, there's still plenty of time to put together a winning entry.

Entering the awards is designed to be as accessible as possible to all members of the industry. The entry process is completed online using a simple form which addresses the criteria and restricts answers to the word limits supplied.

Completing your entry form should not be a long or difficult process. So, if you've not yet started, there's still time to get your entry in.

Don't let your competition take home the trophy

In every category, someone has to take home the trophy. If you're not yet in the running, now is the time to enter.

If you're not in it, your competition has a good chance of taking home the trophy. Today is the day to make the competition interesting and make it that little bit harder for your competitors to swipe the trophy away from you.

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Category Spotlight: Best Achievement in Sustainability

Events are increasingly aiming to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the impact on the environment, from reducing the printing of conference programs and instead moving towards conference apps, reducing transport requirements by holding all events in a walkable radius and using recycled materials that are biodegradable.

Have you made changes to make your event sustainable?

What changes have you implemented to reduce your impact on the environment?

Entries into this category will be judged on the degree to which the achievement enhances the environmental, economic and social outcomes of the event or events.

This award is the perfect opportunity to highlight your achievements in a sustainable environment and be positioned as one of the leaders in the future of sustainable events.

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Category Spotlight: Best Achievement in Marketing, Communication or Sponsorship

The staging of events draws on expertise from all areas of the industry, including marketing, communication and sponsorship. Without these components, events would struggle to be and remain award-winning events.

Behind every successful event in Australia is a team who works tirelessly to connect with their audience to ensure the vital event information and incentives for people to attend is communicated successfully.

Not forgetting the important work of partnerships and corporate sponsors, without whom Australia would see many events disappear.

Can you demonstrate innovative use of marketing, public communication or a partnership with a corporate sponsor to benefit an event?

Now is the chance to get the recognition of your achievements - having the 2014 National Trophy on display is the perfect way to support and thank your marketing team, reward your team for their hard work and shake hands with those sponsors who have made it all worthwhile, showing them that their hard work and support has paid off.

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Partner Spotlight: CODA Audio Services

We would like to recognise our partner, CODA Audio Services who will be looking after the audio for the Industry Night of Nights on November 11 at Doltone House, Pyrmont.

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Entry Tip #8 - Proofread

You've answered all the questions and addressed the criteria - now is the time to make your application stand out by proofreading your entry and having others review it before the deadline.

In the portal, go to 'My Entries' and click 'View' - you'll see exactly what the judges will see.

Show your application to your colleagues or staff members who work in different areas of the company - a fresh pair of eyes will pick up on these errors and provide a different perspective.

A second pair of eyes never goes astray - get a second person to do a final check to pick up any missed spelling and grammatical errors.

These small steps can make a big difference in getting your application to stand out from your competition.

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