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Jul 31, 2014

Reward your team and thank your sponsors by bringing home the National trophy

The countdown is on - with 10 days to go before entries close on 11 August, it's time to put in your entry. Will it be an award winning entry? There's only one way to find out.

Here are some reasons you should enter:

  • Winning is a great feeling - you've got to be in it to win it
  • It's easy to enter and you still have plenty of time
  • Earn the right to use our logo in your winner's announcement in your marketing material
  • The Event Awards is a national awards program - it's open to every Australian state and territory
  • The Event Awards are inclusive - we don't require you to be a member of any organisation to enter
  • Reward your hardworking team
  • Get expert feedback on your entry
  • There's no risk - no one will know you've entered unless you become a national finalist or state or territory winner

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3 questions a day is all it takes

Entering the awards is easy and here's why:
  • Submissions are all online - there's no need for fancy printed documents
  • In each category, there are only 6-8 questions of substance
  • You've already done all the thinking to have planned and staged the event so answers will come easily to you
  • You can upload images and a video to give the judges a better idea of what you've described
  • You can work on your entry offline by downloading the word document provided - then cut and paste your answers at the last minute.

Worried that you don't have enough time? There's plenty of time - with categories having on average 30 questions, that the same as answering three questions a day. 8 of them are uploads and captions and 5 are tick boxes so you should have time to spare.

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Category Spotlight: Best Venue

Australia features many venues which provide outstanding experiences, layouts and opportunities for a variety of events.

With so many unique spaces available, judges are looking for the venue that best enhances the event experience.

  • Do you have a venue that has done something radical for an event?
  • Have you dazzled the attendees?
  • What does your venue have that others don't that sets you above the rest?

This is the opportunity for your venue to be set on the pedestal above all others.

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Category Spotlight: Best Exhibition

Have you have run an exhibition between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2014?

With a category specifically aimed at public exhibitions, trade exhibitions, trade shows that may be attached to another event, this category is for you.

It is awarded to a consumer or trade exhibition that provides the best experience and outcomes for exhibitors and attendees.

Want to know if you're the Best Exhibition of 2014? Enter now!

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Category Spotlight: Best Education or Training Program

Australia's skills and expertise are enhanced through the education and training programs that are offered across the country.

the Best Education or Training Program category is designed to recognise the contribution these programs make to our industry. For some, it's the starting point for enhancing those skills we now use every day and increasing professional development for the players in the industry.

If you run a program that has contributed to the success of a specific event during the eligibility period, or strengthens the Australian events industry, entering your program into the awards is an opportunity to be listed and recognised as one of the best.

 Enter now to set your program above all the rest.

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Don't let your friends, clients or sponsors miss out

The awards is a great opportunity to celebrate your achievements.

This is the time to make sure your friends, clients and sponsors don't miss out on their opportunity to shine. So, if you know someone who has done great work in the events industry, why not pass on this email to them?

Join them on 11 November at Doltone House Pyrmont when we announce the winner - don't let them miss the opportunity to be in the running.

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Entry Tip #7 - a picture paints a 1000 words

Entries require a few photos to be uploaded to demonstrate your event, product or service to the judges.

Use action shots – they capture more attention than posed or static ones. Think about how a photo can capture the essence of what you do.

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