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Jul 24, 2014

Just over 2 weeks til entries close - time to put in that winning entry

Do you have an event, product or service worthy of taking home the trophy?

Have you excelled this year with your achievements?

Do you want your event reviewed and analysed by the industry experts?

With just over two weeks before entries close on 11 August, now is the prime time to get started on your entry - there's only one way to be recognised nationally for your achievements - you have to be in it to win it.

Time to get that winning entry in

Do you have what it takes to be up for the chance of taking home the trophy? You need to enter to really know if you're the best in the industry.

Entering the awards is easy - if you've entered in the past, it's even easier this year. The entire submission is all online so no need to get fancy packs together - we're interested in what you've achieved, not the presentation of your submission.

With just over two weeks left, there's plenty of time to get your entry in before the closing date, 11 August.

Enter Now

Best Sporting Event

Sporting events have become a big part of Australia's event industry, from the small fun runs to olympic size events.

Judges are looking for those sporting events, big and small, that have delivered an outstanding experience for the competitors, the athletes and their spectators.

What sporting event have you held during the eligibility period? Did it exceed the expectations of your team and stakeholders? What new innovations did you implement?

Entering your sporting event into the Australian Event Awards is the opportunity to stand side by side next to your competition, gain recognition as one of the best nationally and have the chance to take home the trophy.

Categories and Criteria

Best Achievement in Marketing, Communication or Sponsorship

Marketing is such an important piece of the puzzle that is events. Without it, events would cease to exist. Behind every successful event in Australia is a team who works tirelessly to connect with their audience to ensure the vital event information and incentives for people to attend is communicated successfully.

Not forgetting the important work of partnerships and corporate sponsors, without whom Australia would see many events disappear.

Finalists for this category will demonstrate innovative use of marketing, public communication or a partnership with a corporate sponsor to benefit an event.

Having the 2014 National Trophy on display is the perfect way to support and thank your marketing team, slap your colleagues on the back for their great work and shake hands with those sponsors who have made it all worthwhile, showing them that their hard work and support has paid off.

Categories and Criteria

Does your State or Territory produce the best events?

Every State and Territory produces exceptional events so we'll be rewarding that State or Territory with the title of 2014 Best Event State or Territory.

Every entry into the Best Event categories earns points, so you can boost your State or Territory's chance of taking home the Best Event State or Territory award simply by entering:

  • Every entry earns 1 point
  • Every National finalist earns 2 points
  • Every National Winner earns 3 points
Download the categories and criteria and see what best suits your event or product or service. You can also log onto the portal and download the questions - it’s free to log-in and start an entry - all you have to do to support your State or Territory is complete your entry and pay the entry fee.

Categories and Criteria

Entry Tip #5 - What makes a winning entry?

Judges are looking for innovation and creativity, events that connect with their audiences and deliver an extraordinary experience for their stakeholders.

Below are a few points to help you stand out from your competition:

  • Address the judging criteria - we've provided the criteria and weighting for each category so you know what you need to address to get the most points you can
  • Use action shots for your photos - that old saying 'a picture paints a 1000 words' rings true...what do you want the judges to really see in that photo you upload?
  • Stick to the word limit - it's about the quality of what you write, not the quantity
  • Evidence your claims within the submission - what did you reference to make that claim?

More useful hints and tips are on our website - check them out and don't forget, if you get stuck, give us a call: 02 8096 8777 and we'll do our best to help!

More Hints and Tips

Who's missing?

If you know someone who has done great work in the events industry, why not pass on this email to them? They'll thank you for the chance you gave them to shine.

Celebrate with them on 11 November at Doltone House Pyrmont - don't let them miss the opportunity to be in the running.

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