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Jul 22, 2014

Three weeks until entries close

With only three weeks until entries close, there's still time to enter and battle it out against the best of the best.

Entering is easy and we've simplified the process further - read on for more details.

Simplified entry process

Entering the awards is designed to be easy with the focus on content and your achievements. Large, glossy, graphic designed submissions are not required, with the entry submitted online.

Changes have been made this year to simplify the process further:

  1. supplementary material is only required if you become a finalist, meaning that there's no additional preparation required unless you become a finalist (you'll be given time to put it together)
  2. replaced some of the questions with a checkbox, meaning there's no writing required, it's just a simple click

In general, each submission requires:

  • approximately 3000 words describing your event and achievement
  • upload a few photos that represent your event, product or service
  • upload a video demonstrating your event, product or service (optional for all categories except Best Achievement in Entertainment)
  • Tick the checkboxes confirming you meet the criteria

Still not convinced? Log into the portal and download a copy of the questions - it's free to log in and download and you can use these to work offline.

Don't forget - you've already done all the hard work with the design, planning and staging of the event - it's simply a case of putting it to paper and paying your entry fee to have a chance at taking home the National title.

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Best Event Categories - more opportunities, no extra cost

Did you know that there are now even more opportunities to raise your profile and be recognised for your achievements? Every entry into each of the Best Event categories will have the chance to be recognised as the best in their State or Territory.

What do you need to do to be in the running for this recognition? It's simple - enter one of the Best Event categories, pay for your entry and if your entry has the highest score in your State or Territory, you'll walk away with the title.

It's easy to enter and you don't have to complete the entire submission in one hit - you can work offline and upload later before entries close or answer a few questions a day - don't forget to save and complete your entry before entries close on 11 August.

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Best Achievement in Catering

Catering can be a deal-breaker between a good event and a great event and recognition of this isn't always attributed to the catering company. So we've got a category to specifically highlight the best of the best catering in the industry.

This is awarded to the best example of catering at an event or events and recognising the role that catering plays in the event experience.

Submit your entry today and find out at the Industry Night of Nights on 11 November, who will take home the trophy.


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Best Achievement in Sustainability

Sustainable events are becoming the future of events as the public become more aware of the importance of environmental sustainability.

What have you done to make your event sustainable?

Are you transitioning towards a sustainable event and if so, what changes have been made to reduce your impact on the environment?

Entries into this category will be judged on the degree to which the achievement enhances the environmental, economic and social outcomes of the event or events.

This award is the perfect opportunity to highlight your achievements in a sustainable environment and be positioned as one of the leaders in the future of sustainable events.

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Entry Tip #5 - Addressing the CSR question

Many of the categories have a question that requests information on how your work extended the Community Social Responsibility (CSR) of the Event, Product or Service that you're entering.

Our judging panel define CSR as "a commitment to operating in a way that takes into account not only the financial implications of decisions, but also the social impact it has on the community".

Explain for us how you make sure that the decisions you make take into account community impact. For example, do you focus on the use of local products, do you actively engage with your local, state or national community, do you work with organised community groups or integrate with a charity?

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