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Sep 6, 2013

Make this Weekend Count

Entries Close Monday

Imagine - it's the 4th of October and your name has just been announced among the finalists of the Australian Event Awards for 2013. How excited will your team feel as they prepare for the Gala Industry Night of Nights in Novermber?

Then imagine hearing your name and giving your acceptance speech as you are the proud recipient of your prestigious Event Awards Trophy.

Finally, think what you can do with all the praise, accolades and marketing oomph that you've created through your hard work.

Just give up a few hours this weekend and your imagination may well reflect reality.

There is still time to get an entry in with 4 days to go, most of the Categories only requiring answers to a dozen questions of significance and no financials required.

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Short Clear Answers - The Order of the Day

People have reported needing only a few hours to complete an entry from start to finish – remember that the online entry only needs to be good enough to get you to the finals. If you are a finalist then your entry (including any supplimentary material) will go to the full panel of judges for consideration and they may even call you for clarification.

If you haven’t started yet, best to get cracking. That said, in this industry we’re all used to tight deadlines so we know you can do it. Remember, you don’t have to hit the word limit on every question – the judges will thank you for short, succinct answers.

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Tip # 7 - Keep it Simple

Do not assume that the judges are aware of your event, organisation or its products and successes. Explain in non technical terms what your products or services are. 

Make sure you base your answers on the judging criteria for the category you're entering - these are printed at the top of the online entry form. The judges have to actually put a score against each one of these criteria so write answers that help them rate you higher.

Which photos to use? Use action shots – of your event, product or business. Action shots capture more attention than posed or static ones. Think about which photos can capture the essence of what you do.

Give us a call with any questions (02) 9281 0024. 

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Category Spotlight: CIM Magazine Best Meeting or Conference

Have you run a meeting or conference that best advances the aims of the organising body and provides a rewarding experience for attendees?

Enjoy the significant promotional opportunities of winning the Best Meeting or Conference award.

Don't miss this opportunity to tell everyone about your achievements.

State distinction, National recognition, Business success.

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Need Extra Time? We can give you 9 hours!

At the Event Awards, we receive entries from Aussies working around the country and indeed all over the world. So when we say "Entries Close Monday" we really mean Tuesday at 9am AEST. This of course means that night owls get a little extra time to finish up - so feel free to use it.

We will even keep our office open late on Monday and we'll open the doors early on Tuesday morning to answer last minute questions or help with requests. Feel free to call us on (02) 9281 0024.

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