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Aug 9, 2013

More Chances to Win; and a Discount if you Start this Week

With four weeks to go until the close of entries for 2013, we are excited to announce the introduction of State and Territory Winners in each of the 10 ‘Best Event’ categories.

This effectively means that in November we'll be announcing up to 70 additional Australian Event Award Winners - increasing the chances of success for every entrant.

If that isn't enough to persuade you to have a go; there's a heap of Expert Judges Feedback on offer to help you improve your event or business and there's still 5 working days in which to make a start on your entry at our discount rate.

To get the discount, you just need to make a Start on an entry (and pay the entry fee) this week. Then you've still got to September 9 to finish up.

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70 New Chances with State & Territory Winners

Every year hundreds of events enter the Australian Event Awards and compete nationally with the aim of winning one of 25 coveted event awards trophies. Until now, this has meant that each year there can be only 25 winners acknowledged on the national stage.

The New Best State and Territory Winners program creates an opportunity for us to acknowledge many more of the great events that make an extremely valuable contribution to the industry and adds a potential 70 Winners to the list of recipients each year.

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Entry Discounts: Better Start This Week

There really is no reason to pay more than you have to to get rewarded. To help us plan for the judging process and to encourage you to make a start, we're offering a Discount on Entry Fees to anyone who makes a start this week.

To take advantage of the Discount is simple, Click the link below, create a user on the Entry Portal, Log-in and click "New Entry". Select your Category and complete your Entrant Details.

That's it you're on your way!

You still have until September 9th to finish your entry.

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Benchmark your Event or Event Business

Did you know that every entry in the awards, regardless of whether it is a finalist or not, receives valuable feedback from the Industry Judging Panel? It's a great way to have your event, product or service reviewed by experts without having to pay consultancy fees.

See a Sample of Past Feedback

Category Spotlight: Best New Event

We are very proud indeed to recognise the innovation associated with the staging of a never before seen Australian event! 2012 Best New Event winners Sydney Harbour Federation Trust celebrated a record attendance of 86,000 people for their Outpost street art event on Cockatoo Island last year. Could your event be 2013's Best New Event?

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