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Jul 29, 2013

Entries are OPEN - 16 Days Until Discount Ends! - Best Achievement in Catering

It's August tomorrow, which means you have 16 days to start and pay for your entry for the Australian Event Awards to receive a discounted entry rate.

It's easy to enter and even if you pay now you can still keep editing your entry right up until September 9.

You can even work on your entry offline, just Login to the Entry Portal and download the Questions.

You can find out more about the Event Awards, view the full list of categories & criteria, see the judges or enter online now:

Easy as 1,2,3

Want to save money AND give yourself the chance to win Australia's most prestigious industry award? Here's how:

1. Click Here

2. Log in

3. Click 'New Entry' to get started

That's it!


If you pay for your entry before August 16 you will receive a discounted entry rate! You can come back and edit your entry at any time before entries close on September 9. Starting your entry takes two minutes!


Best Achievement in Catering

Do you produce fantastic catering for events?

This title is awarded to the best example of catering at an event or events and recognises the role that catering plays in the event experience. Previous winners include Blanco Food & Events (Pictured)

Entry Details

Reasons to Enter

1.We know you don’t work in the events industry for the glitz and glamour, in fact, we’re almost certain you work extremely hard without recognition to make fantastic Australian events happen. Now it’s your turn to stand up and be celebrated for your hard-earned achievements!

2.The industry is becoming increasingly competitive. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out against your competitors. Give yourself the chance to win Australia’s most prestigious industry award and gain the greatest advantage.

3.No one is perfect. As much as we might strive for perfection, we all need some help along the way to improve and refine the way that we work. Every entry for the Event Awards receives comments from our panel of expert judges from around Australia. That kind of industry feedback is priceless - to see some examples click HERE.