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Aug 21, 2017

Q and A: Giulietta Daniele from Tri-Point Rigging

The operations and account manager from our exclusive rigging partner talks about Tri-Point Rigging's diverse range of projects, her favourite Australian event and always seeing a job through from start to finish.

What do you do at Tri-Point Rigging?

Booking and managing crew, organising crew and staff timesheets for payroll, coordinating day to day operational tasks for our projects. I also manage the Aquaman movie account for all hires.

Give us a sneak peek at your career before your current role at Tri-Point Rigging.

Before Tri-Point, I was a festival and concert event site assistant that would manage the team at various venues.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Building relationships with all the clients, suppliers and team.

How would friends and colleagues describe you?

Always late! But very focused on seeing a job through from start to end.

What kinds of events does Tri-Point Rigging typically lend its services to?

We do a vast variety of events from Ninja Warrior, This That Festival, Ballet under the Stars and Australian Open of Surfing to films like Aquaman and Pacific Rim, TV shows like I’m a Celebrity and a range of TV commercials.

What’s the most interesting event you’ve worked on with Tri-Point rigging and why?

Ninja Warrior, because it was a challenging location and a challenging build for all who worked on it that was forever changing.

What sets Tri-Point Rigging apart from its competitors?

We are always up for new and exciting events and challenges – we never say no.

What difference does experience make in providing a great rigging service?

Knowledge on how things will work - or if they won't work and coming up with a solution.

What’s your favourite Australian event and why?

Personally – Defqon.1, as it's not only a music festival, but it brings a range of punters across to experience the music and stages which are basically artworks.

What’s something few people would know about Tri-Point Rigging?

We are like family, always helping each other out in any situation.

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