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Aug 14, 2017

What's it like to win an Australian Event Award?

Imagine this.

The music is fading. The taste of main course lingers delightfully on your tongue. You've checked and rechecked the program - your category is up next. A different jingle starts and a show reel begins to play. You're surprised to find out who is in your category and you start to worry about your chances - the other Finalists are so impressive. You're distracted by a huge roar around you as your event is announced as a Finalist. Your table has become your cheer squad, although half the people on it you only met a few hours and several fascinating conversations ago.

On stage the suited presenter steps up to the microphone.

"And the winner is..."

For a second you're not sure you heard right. But a look at your boss beaming at you from the other side of the table confirms it. You get up as the room claps and the music plays. This is your big moment - you've been given the privilege of delivering the winning speech after you jokingly expressed a fondness for public speaking when your event was announced as a Finalist about a month ago. You're starting to regret the wisecrack slightly.

As you make your way toward the stage, you vaguely comprehend a voice over the PA system and hear your event mentioned. Your boss will tell you later the voice was singing the praises of your event and that it'll be great for marketing and getting support for your next project.

You arrive on the stage, shake hands with the MC and the presenter and look down on smiling faces. You clear your throat.

Your carefully considered speech has just the right amount of everything. The thank-yous will keep your sponsors and the rest of your team happy and there's just enough humour to make the audience - your peers, from all over Australia, you think afterwards - chuckle. Another rousing round of applause ushers you off the stage.

Somehow you descend the stage and end up in front of the media wall for a photo. You can't wipe the grin off your face. The enormity of your achievement is beginning to set in.

You did it!

You're the best.

So this is what it feels like.

The rest of the night passes in an elated, surreal blur; everyone wants to congratulate you, wants to hold that impressive trophy - they remark on how heavy it is. But you feel as light as a feather.

Even at the bar after it's all over, people still come up to say congratulations. You meet a number of interesting people, make a few contacts to follow up when your head finally gets back to the real world.

In the days and weeks which follow the Awards Ceremony, slivers of the night come back to you to send shivers of delight through you as you remember the satisfaction of acknowledgement by those who really understand your achievement, on the project you worked so hard on, spent so many hours considering and worrying about. It was a night to live in the moment, a night not to be missed.

Well, it goes something like that. Don't miss your own Event Awards story and potentially your own Event Awards glory. Whether you're a National Finalist or you just want to be part of the best celebration of Australian events this year, the Australian Event Awards Ceremony is a night to behold.

It's also best followed up by the Australian Event Symposium.

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