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Jul 31, 2017

Q and A: Nathan Welsh from TFH Hire Services

The Head Office Event Manager from TFH Hire Services, supporter of Best Exhibition at the Event Awards, talks about enjoying TFH Hire Services' diverse and multicultural workplace and how different events allow the company to grow and challenge itself.

What do you do at TFH Hire Services?

I’m the Head Office Event Manager for TFH Hire Services so I’m involved in everything from event sales to event management, event operations, networking and communications, relationship management and corporate relationship management. I also provide solutions for various sized and unique events with all TFH products. I have over 10 years' experience with TFH Hire Services.

Give us a little peek at your career before your current role at TFH Hire Services.

Before TFH Hire Services, I was based in New Zealand working as a sales representative for Horticulture and also a builder on the side. I then moved to Australia and applied for a truck position at TFH in both construction and events. I built up experience, knowledge and contacts during this time which allowed me to take on many promotions leading me to the position I am in today.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I enjoy working within a diverse, multicultural and supportive organisation and the flexibility of working for a family owned company. I also get to meet quite a few new people through my work at TFH and I get a lot of satisfaction from maintaining good relationships and helping to build the strong, positive TFH brand reputation.

In addition, each event is unique so this job allows me to challenge myself when a new client comes on board with new and interesting requests. This keeps everyday interesting.

I have built strong relationships inside and outside of the organisation. I make it my priority to maintain all agreements and partnerships by exceeding expectations a little more for every event. I also appreciate the educational opportunities I receive through my work.

How would friends and colleagues describe you?

I believe they would describe me as social, trustworthy, a hard worker, positive and good at keeping things fun. And, of course, they would say I’ve got plenty of experience in the event hire industry and the events industry itself!

What kinds of events does TFH Hire Services typically work with? What’s the most interesting event you’ve worked on?

TFH Hire Services supplies product and services to a wide range of Australian events at all different capacity levels. Typically, our TFH Events Team works with large music festivals and sporting and recreational events nationwide. From our Brisbane Head Office, we have also organised events in Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Townsville and Darwin, to list a few. My team and I are very experienced and get the job done no matter the location.

The most interesting event I managed of late was the 2017 Adele World Tour in Brisbane due to the logistics side of the job.

Other events we’ve provided our products to which have been interesting include Splendour in the Grass, V8 Super Cars Gold Coast and Townsville, World Rally Coffs Harbour and Bridge to Brisbane. These events tested our knowledge and experience as well as providing us with the huge opportunity to learn, grow and challenge ourselves as a company.

What sets TFH Hire Services apart from its competitors?

The innovation in our products, the experience of unique requirements across many different events which means we can always come up with a solution, the quality assurance at Head Office for safety and document control, our good reputation in the events industry, the pride we take in service and quality and the fact that we can take on last minute and emergency jobs as well as accommodating unplanned additional equipment requests on event day are all part of what set us apart from our competitors.

What are the important considerations to think about when choosing who to hire from?

Individuals and organisations looking to hire temporary fencing should ask themselves the following questions when choosing someone to hire from: Do they want quality? If they are unsure on what they want or what will work best, TFH will always help and suggest many solutions to ensure the best outcome for the event and event organisers. Do they want the event done safely and quickly? It’s also important to think about who has good brand reputation and to take into consideration word of mouth recommendations from friends and family.

What’s your favourite Australian event and why?

Bledisloe Cup - My home country versing Australia where my heart lies and where I have raised my family. This game is close to my heart and is a huge part of the Australian and New Zealand culture - it is fantastic to see these two great nations coming together to support their team.

Why did you choose to work in the events industry?

I chose to work in the events industry due to the versatility of being able to focus on different style events and welcome different challenges. Working in events means I can expect differing requirements daily instead of operating the same thing every day.

What’s something few people would know about TFH Hire Services?

Many people may not know that we’re a family owned company. We always get events done on time, we never let people down and we are very helpful and sincere! With family owners, we are able to be more accommodating to unique requests as opposed to a corporate company who must follow set procedures and guidelines.

What do you think Australian events say about our culture and us as a nation?

Our sporting events show how important sport is to our country - sport is one the biggest parts of our culture and these events enhance our beliefs and attitudes towards success.

Charity events show how supporting causes and charity is a priority of Australian people and on the entertainment side, events show how important it is for Australians to relax and indulge in their interests; that leisure time is highly important in the Australian culture.

TFH Hire Services supports Best Exhibition at the Australian Event Awards – what’s special about exhibitions?

Exhibitions have the ability to be educational, fun, cultural, diverse and allow all ages and demographics to attend. This flexibility breaks exhibitions away from more traditional style events.

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