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Jul 24, 2017

Q and A: Andrew Marsh from Norwest Productions

The Special Projects Manager at Norwest Productions, supporter of Best Sporting Event at the Event Awards talks about his passion for audio and technology and the most interesting event he's worked on with Norwest Productions.

What do you do at Norwest Productions?

I'm a Special Projects Manager at Norwest. I have a background in audio and PA Systems engineering. From there I forged a path towards project and account management.

My role today is a fulltime position dedicated to audio production on large scale and international events. I also do high profile work with events such as Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Carols by Candlelight.

Give us a little peek at your career background before your current role at Norwest Productions.

I’ll be celebrating twelve amazing years at Norwest Productions come this November.

I started out in the industry as a Hire Manager for a small AV rental company. From there I enjoyed the freelance life, specialising in production and specifically audio. I wasn’t afraid to spin a few tunes at 90s dance parties in a former DJ life!

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

The people I work with across both peers and clients. If I could pick a second thing it would be working with evolving technology and audio gear – that’s my passion and I’m still learning.

How would your friends and colleagues describe you?

Obsessive. Workaholic. Highly passionate about the music and the audio industry. I feel that people would describe me now days as much calmer and wiser than years gone by.

What kinds of events does Norwest typically lend its services to?

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, South East Asian Games 2017 Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, music festivals, dance parties, opera, and Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies are all projects Norwest Productions has worked on.

What’s the most interesting event you’ve worked on with Norwest Productions?

The Vancouver Winter Olympics. We did the audio in partnership with Clair Brothers from USA. We were most heavily involved with the ceremonies and also assisted in managing the project which enabled a much better insight for me into what we do. About that time there was a shift globally in audio technology that that pushed quality and outcome though digital audio and becoming more sophisticated.

What’s something few people would know about Norwest Productions?

It still feels like a family company despite the scale. Everyone is treated like they’re friends and family with much support from the leadership team about open lines of communication – from the CEO through to the frontline.

What sets Norwest Productions apart from its competitors?

Our ability to create bespoke systems for our clients and the attention to detail during planning and preparation.

What’s your favourite Australian event and why?

At the end of January, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra play a modern and unique set. Previous artist collaborations have included include Derek May and Jeff Mills and Kate Miller Heidke and they’ve done themed performances such as well known TV and movie tracks. It’s amazing to work on such great production and when it’s delivered at the Myer Music Bowl – that’s my favourite Australian event.

What do you think are the challenges and opportunities lying ahead for the Australian events industry?

Allowing for budgets to support creativity in event design to technology. Utilising technology to be considered a creative leader globally.

Why did you choose to work in the events industry?

Passion for music, live events, a love for technology and speaker systems.

Norwest Productions is putting its name on the Event Award for Best Sporting Event – why that category?

Norwest Productions have delivered audio for both opening and closing ceremonies for four out of five Summer Olympics and Paralympics since Sydney 2000. We have been a part of celebrating sport across different cultures and are grateful to be witness of nations coming together in such a positive way whilst contributing through our line of work.

We are a huge supporter of the sports industry and the positive impact it has on Australia and the Australian events industry as a whole.

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