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Jul 18, 2017

Q and A: Sage Greenwood from WINK Models

The Managing Director of the Event Awards Trophy Model Partner WINK Models talks about making a positive impact on the modelling industry, what makes a good brand ambassador, and what sets WINK apart from its competitors.

What do you do at WINK Models?

I’m the Managing Director, meaning I not only help with talent and clients, but also with running the business.

Give us a little peek at your career background before your current role at WINK.

I started modelling as a talent with WINK almost nine years ago now. Whilst I was modelling, I studied a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Business. Once I’d finished my studies, I knew I wanted to do more with the industry I had grown up in and try to make a positive impact on the industry. I then came on board to open the WINK Melbourne office, and well, that was four years ago now.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

There’s so much about it that I love - I love that everyday is different, I love that I get to make a really positive difference to an industry that can be quite harsh and superficial and I love that I can try to not only better the environment for our models and ensure they're nurtured, but also to try to influence the advertising and creative industries in making positive changes in the type of talent we see represented in their work.

How would your friends and colleagues describe you?

I’d like to think they’d say I was hilarious, but most likely hardworking (the nature of our work is that there is always hustle required), relatable and generous.

What roles do WINK models play at events?

The kind of work our talent do at WINK is so varied. But in relation to the events side of things, we have talent that help direct guests to an event, assist with guest lists and welcoming guests, raffle draws and onstage trophy presentations. We also often help with things like product sampling, flyering, cheerleading, registrations, catwalks, product demonstrations...the list goes on!

What do models add to events?

So much value! It really does depend on the event type, but they can help make a really great first impression for guests when they arrive to beautiful girls, or they can help make an event manager's life a whole lot easier by being extra hands on deck to run around on the day of the event and help make sure everything runs smoothly.

What makes a good brand ambassador?

We think it’s personality. It’s someone who is not only outgoing and personable, but someone who’s willing to really learn the brand and become an extension of that brand's internal team. We think this really translates so well to clients or the public when they’re engaging. It’s so obvious when a model understands and believes in a product or service.

What sets WINK apart from its competitors?

Our talent, as well as our hardworking office staff. We’re on 24/7 in the office to make sure our clients events run as smoothly as possible. We’re nimble and can respond uber quickly to last minute briefs and requests - which we do through a custom-built app that we use to manage all of our talent and jobs. On top of this, we represent the best talent in Australia - they’re all hand selected, inducted and trained to ensure they’re of the highest calibre, they all love what they do and they’re all passionate about it.

What’s something few people would know about WINK?

Possibly that we turn 10 this year, which is really exciting! Also that we don’t only represent traditional models, we also represent talent ages from 13 through to 85, with all ages, sizes and ethnicities in between, which means we really can cater to any brief that comes across our desks.

What’s your favourite Australian event and why?

Being Melbourne born and bred, I’m a huge fan of the Australian Open. It’s just such a great time of the year in Melbourne, the sun is always shining and I think it’s such a great opportunity to put our awesome city on a global stage. I’m also a huge fan of the F1s, so have to say the Grand Prix gets me pretty excited. We’ve been super lucky to work closely with Heineken over the years and it’s been so much doing so at both the Australian Open and the Grand Prix.

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