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May 16, 2017

Be recognised on a national level

The Event Awards is your only chance to compete directly across the entire Australian events industry.

Entering the Event Awards takes your work straight to the national stage. We believe that to be truly recognised as the best, you've got to be measuring yourself against everyone - the best from your state or territory and everywhere else, simultaneously.

If you make it as a National Finalist in the Event Awards, you're acknowledged straight away as one of the top few events in Australia.

Then, at the Event Awards Ceremony, we'll also recognise the best events in each state and territory, through announcing the State Winners, after the National Winner has been crowned.

And, of course, whose to say the best events or achievements in each category are evenly spread out across the regions? If three of the four best sporting events across the country have taken place in Queensland (or Victoria, Western Australia, the NT etc.) then the Event Awards will demonstrate and celebrate that.

The State or Territory Award also seeks to recognise the Best State or Territory for events in Australia, by allocating points to every entry in the 10 Best Event categories, taking into account who became National Finalists and Winners, giving you another reason to enter your event to support events in your state or territory as a whole.

So, better get cracking on that entry!