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Jul 20, 2016

The search is on to find the Event Producer of the Year plus an extension to Close of Entries

The Australian Event Awards is searching for the Event Producer of the Year, plus a little more time for all entrants with the close of entries delayed until Tuesday 9am AEST.

Searching for the Event Producer of the Year

The Australian Event Awards is searching for the best Australian Event Producer in the world! We're looking for an event producer who has delivered consistently exceptional events between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016. It could be you, your colleague, your boss or your employee or someone else you know - whoever it is - make sure they're in with a chance!

Entries can be submitted by the producer themselves or by someone else on their behalf, so if you're convinced you know Australia's best Event Producer, why not nominate them yourself?

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Entries to close on Tuesday 26 July at 9am AEST

All those entering the Event Awards in 2016 have just been given a little extra time! Entries will now close at 9am AEST (that's Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane time) on Tuesday 26 July.

Don't forget to pay for your entry if you haven't already and check out our hints and tips as you put the finishing touches on your entry. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a ring on 02 8096 8777.

Good luck!

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Lots of ways to be recognised at Event Awards 2016

Aside from National Winners and Finalists, the best events in each state or territory also receive recognition through the Event Awards as State or Territory Winners.

Plus, there's also:

Australia's Favourite Event - nominees are chosen by the judges and the winner is selected by the Australian public.

The 2016 State or Territory Award recognises the best region across Australia for events. Every event entered in the 10 Best Event categories earns points for the state or territory in which it was held.

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Say hello to Event Awards Delivery Partner Tri-Point Rigging

Tri-Point provides professional rigging, staging and scaffolding to a number of industries, including the film, television and events industries.

Their extensive equipment stock means they can cater for projects of all sizes, plus with their commitment to continually updating, researching and designing specialised equipment, you'll be sure to get a leading edge service at Tri-Point.

Visit the Tri-Point Rigging website

Meet Event Awards Delivery Partner Foti International Fireworks

Australian-based fireworks, pyrotechnics and special effects company Foti International Fireworks has a production portfolio which spans the globe. They completed over 300 shows in 2015 alone and over the years have lit up the sky for Sydney New Year's Eve, at the Shanghi World Expo and in Europe.

Visit the Foti International Fireworks website