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Jul 17, 2016

8 days left until entries close!

Entries for the Event Awards will close next Monday 25 July. With 8 days to go, it's not too late to put in a cracking entry for your chance to be recognised amongst the best.

Easy to enter, hard to win

Having already put in all the required planning and introspection to stage your event or accomplish your achievement, all that's required now to be recognised amongst the best in the industry is to pop all that thinking into one of our entry forms!

We pride ourselves on our "Easy to enter, hard to win" motto and we've worked hard to give you as streamlined an entry process as possible. Over the years we've cut down the questions and lowered the word limit to ensure we get all the relevant information about your event or achievement as painlessly as possible. With the entire entry process online, you can complete an Event Awards entry from anywhere with an internet connection. Which means, of course, with 8 days left to enter, you've got bags of time to get your entry in.

Hop to it!

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Entry tips

Contemplating the entry writing process and not sure where to start? Check out our hints and tips to get you writing that spectacular entry!

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Category spotlight: Best Achievement in Entertainment

Calling all those in the business of entertaining in the events industry - whether you're an entertainer yourself or your organisation or event has achieved a great feat of entertainment during the Eligibility Period (1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016), we've got a category just for you.

Best Achievement in Entertainment gives you a chance to highlight your work. The category has undergone a few tweaks in the last couple of years - check out the category by clicking the button below and log into the Entry Portal to see all the questions and to start your entry.

More about Best Achievement in Entertainment

Meet Major Partner EVENTelec

Specialising in the major event and festival market, Event Awards Major Partner EVENTelec provides all the electrical infrustructure your event needs. With equipment specifically designed for use at temporary events, they have both the flexibility and efficiency to meet the differing expectations of their clients.

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SRC - bringing your vision to life!

Event Awards Delivery Partner SRC has welcomed "The Robot" to their Sydney production centre.

This incredible piece of machinery gives SRC the cutting edge capability to take concepts from digital files and turn them into 100% accurate, large scale sculptures and real world 3D objects in a shorter time frame!

SRC can work from your existing 3D models and also offer a 3D scanning service to create your sculpture from scratch.

The Robot in action!