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Jun 1, 2016

Time to get cracking!

Entries are open and the location and date are locked in - it's time to get yourself set up for Event Awards 2016.

Get onto the Entry Portal

Whether you've already picked which categories you're going to enter or if you haven't decided whether you're going to enter at all, the first thing to do is to get an account on the Entry Portal. The Portal gives you access to the criteria and questions for every category and your ability to answer the questions for a particular category - or categories - is the best indication of whether a category is a good fit for your event or achievement.

Creating an account on the Entry Portal is free and doesn't oblige you to enter the Awards.

Register on the Entry Portal

Key Dates

All the dates are locked in for 2016 - not to mention the fabulous Sunshine Coast location - so it's time to start factoring Event Awards key dates into your calendar. With entries closing on 25 July and the 2016 Event Awards and Symposium taking place between 21-23 September, blocking out some time to complete your entry and attend the Awards ceremony and Symposium will put you in good stead to take advantage of everything we've got to offer you this year.

Dates for the Early Starters discount for entries and the Early Bird deadline for Awards ceremony tickets and Symposium registrations are also available on the website.

See Key Dates

Interested in speaking at the Symposium?

As we put together the program, we'd love to hear from anyone who would like to speak at the Event Symposium.

With the two-day event focussing on "Inspiration, Operation and Communication", we're looking for those who can offer strong take away value for sessions which fit with this theme.

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