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Jul 2, 2015

Less than two weeks left to grab the Early Starters rate

There's still plenty of time to put together an entry before the final close of entries on August 10, but if you want to save on the cost of entry, start now and with 10 minutes work, you'll save $55.

Under Two Weeks Until Early Starters Discount Ends

To take advantage of the Early Starters discount, all you have to do is start and pay for your entry by Monday 13 July. You'll still have until 10 August to finish any entries started during the Early Starters period and you'll earn some brownie points with the boss. You can thank us later.

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Say it in Six at the Event Symposium

If you can deliver an expert opinion in six minutes or less, the Symposium's call for proposals is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your talent for eloquently getting to the point. If your proposal is accepted, we'll give you a reduced registration rate for the rest of the Events, Tourism and Destination Branding themed Symposium. If you think this sounds as good as we do, click the link below.

The Symposium will be held in Sydney on 17-18 November 2015.

Visit the Event Symposium Website

Entry is Easy

There's no need for graphic designers, layout artists or IT geeks when it comes to your Event Awards entry. All you need is someone who can string a decent sentence together, some photographs and as much evidence as possible to back up the success of your event. Chances are, you've already got all those things.

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Less is More

We've tweaked all the questions on the entry form this year to avoid repetition (ours and yours) and we've shortened the overall word count so it's easier than ever to enter the Event Awards - but just as hard to win.

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